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The Watkinson - Qu Wedding 

Welcome to this special page of the Dinton Cottage website, laying out all the information you need for Duncan and Chelsea's wedding on September the 23rd 2017.

The Formal Service

Before the wedding celebrations, there will be a separate, small service for a dozen or so family members only, held at Hartwell House Hotel, a few miles from the family home.  The ceremony will begin at 11am and last around half an hour.  We will then have an hour for a drinks reception and photographs in the grounds of the hotel. Lunch will be at 12.30.

The Reception Party

The reception party is the main celebration of the day and will be held at the Watkinson family home in Dinton.  The gardens include the field opposite the house where we will have the Dinton village marquee.

There is also a private woodland adjacent to the swimming pool where there will be seating to enjoy a more shady area and lights for the evening.

There will be music, photographers milling, a soft play area for tiny people who are very welcome and of course lots of friends and family.

We'd like to stress that this is not a formal do, we are not really the type -  This is an informal, smart casual, summer garden party... If you've ever been to a village fete then you'll have a good idea of the feel!

If you aim to arrive at Dinton somewhere between 3.30 and 4.30, the Dinton Parish Field, around a 2 minute walk from the house, has kindly been put at guests disposal to park cars.  Have a look at the map below to see the location of both the marquee and the route to get there.  Ask any sat nav for Dinton, Bucks and then look out for signposts which will be up.  Anyone travelling by train can head to either Aylesbury Station or Haddenham and Thame Parkway Station.  Both are a ten minute taxi ride from the village.

When you arrive in the village

Food will be in the form of buffet and BBQ, summer, outdoor fare and will begin at around 5.30pm.  There will be no seating plans or formal sit down dining, just tables dotted around the field and marquee for guests to mingle and eat.  

We will then have speeches at around 7pm, rounding off the food and drinks.

As the sun goes down, we will light the woodland and the field, and turn on the pool floodlights so people can swim if they fancy it!  We'll have dancing in the marquee. When you leave is really up to you.  I know many will have long journeys to make back home but you are more then welcome to stay late into the evening and continue to celebrate with us.

Wedding Gifts

A message from Duncan:

Our friends have asked what we would like as a gift to celebrate our marriage.




Most couples have feathered their nests before they tie the knot, and we're no exception.


Chelsea and I do not have a 'Wedding Present List’.  We have shared & equipped a home for a long time now and have almost everything we need.  Having said this, I understand that some do have special gifts in mind and are keen to give them, a gesture we will love. 


As Chelsea is Chinese, for our wedding we are embracing the tradition of 'hóngbāo'. Hóngbāo is the practice whereby monetary gifts are presented at special occasions such as weddings, holidays or the birth of a new baby. Whereas in the West it  may seem like an impersonal practice, for ourselves it's actually very fitting as we have to fly overseas to do this all again in a few months!  Your gift will contribute to making that trip for wedding number two a memorable success.

If you do wish to make a hóngbāo gift, I must let you know that there are a few little 'traditions within the tradition', that should be followed to avoid bad luck and such. (Chelsea is a typical suspicious Chinese girl!)

A hóngbāo gift is presented in a special type of small red  decorative envelope.  The amount of money contained in the envelope usually ends with an even digit, in accordance with Chinese beliefs; odd-numbered money gifts are traditionally associated with funerals.  There is also a widespread tradition that money should not be given in fours, or the number four should not appear in the amount, such as in 40, 400 and 444, as the pronunciation of the word four is homophonous to the word for death.

The amount of money is usually notes to avoid heavy coins and to make it difficult to judge the amount inside before opening.  Hóngbāo is given anonymously, with no idea who has given what, and is never opened in front of guests or relatives.  The amount can be absolutely any one wishes to give.  



We will provide the envelopes in a safe location within the house and a special box to put them in.

It goes without saying that involvement in hóngbāo is of course not mandatory and merely provides a simple and easy way to give a gift without the struggle of finding something suitable.  



The absolute best present you will give us will be joining us as we celebrate our special day!

(Oh yeah...  Chelsea also wanted an Xbox One!  Not me, promise...)

You're coming to celebrate with us, to make the day as special as possible and in return we want it to run as smoothly as possible for you.  If you have questions or need to know anything else, just call us!


07800 657937


07909 108959


01296 748270

We will see you on the day!

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